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Starting from today I’ll be using my never updated blog to document new designs I’m coming up with around audio electronics (Both analog and digital)

The aim is not to drum interest (Though that’ll be a great outcome) but to document the thought process behind them.

I was always fascinated with inventors, people who would sit and tinker coming up with new ideas and better solutions to the old mousetrap adage, in the age of the quick and dirty we seem to have forgotten a lot about that despite the abundance of amazing hacks and design, we’ve been dulled to the process because the process is arduous and hard, instead we get to enjoy a Flickr photo set every now and then and a clever youtube video or two.

So why am I doing this in the sea of people who already build stuff? Well, two reasons…

  • It’s a passion of mine and rediscovering these skills leads to enjoying life a bit more
  • No one is building the things that I want or would like
  • I hope this process ends up as a cheap form of gear therapy, sure, I could get myself a piece of gear that almost does what I need, but it’s more fun to build it.

    And I plan on building some…

    Stay tuned!

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