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Every time I think life can’t give me any pleasant surprises someone comes and proves me wrong… from a band that I’ve worked with finally getting a break to a very good friend doing something incredible on the other side of the world (And something I don’t think I’d have the balls to do if it was up to me)… inspiration is all around.

So what does it take to move us from being bored and boring into being inspired and inspiring?

Take Jessica Watson, the 16 year old girl that’s sailing solo around the world and getting told: “You’re too young”. “It’s too dangerous” and “are you insane?”… by a bunch of boring and uninspired “journalists” that only care about pushing opinion, the unfortunate prevalent opinion of the past few decades that doing something dangerous is a no-no…

Compare that with the following industries in the past 10 years, Technology, Media and Finance… lots of safe bets, few real risks and a lot of greed and rushing to make a quick buck… a true inability to innovate beyond models set forth 70 years ago… which has led us to the current state of affairs, and the woefully inadequate solutions that have taken personal responsibility and innovation out of the market.

Be inspiring, take a risk, kick ass and take names, whatever you do, don’t let people slow you down with cries of “too hard”, “too risky” or “we do things differently”…


When was the last time you smiled to a stranger on the bus?

When was the last time you randomly met a new cool stranger that totally rocked your world?

When was the last time you sat down to listen to a CD, read the booklet, admired the art, felt that moment, special as it was?

The answer is probably, a long time ago…

We have all the tools and gadgets available to ease communication, but we are overloaded by it, to the point that we now use all that technology to isolate ourselves from others, to form digital cliques of people who agree with us and shun anybody who thinks differently… welcome to the age of forced uniformity, a mass of homogeneously assembled heterogenous groups of people.

And it’s hurting us a lot, the effects in all industries can be seen, take for example recruiters and employees, no longer seeking top talent with top EQ’s (Emotional Quotients for the acronym-impaired) and rather looking for quick and dirty “fits”… in reality, this dehumanization of the employee, of the lover (Hi, I saw your profile at and you really seem to have my same tastes, wanna hook up?), of the family, of the friend, that lack of acceptance of the different and the benefits of the opposing point of view, that desire that the world be filled with unique individuals, like yourself of course, is causing enormous ripples.

Top talent will never ever be an easy fit, the best lover will never ever be the easy hookup that you dissected online, the best friend will never ever be the faceless wall of text that always agrees with you… the sooner you dispel the notion that things will always be the way you want and focus on the things that really make you happy then you’ll start re-humanizing yourself and and others.

Then you’ll see… the best things in life will come to you…

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